Most people are insecure with their smiles due to teeth stains and discoloration, cracked teeth, or gaps in between.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved to solve any kind of issue that is related to your teeth' appearance and smile structure.

We provide dental treatments and solutions that last a lifetime.

Lidssen Health offers dentistry services to everyone with high quality. We are committed to providing the best services at affordable and realistic prices.

Our dental clinic is located in the heart of historic Istanbul.

Our team consists of specialized dentists, medical doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields.

Using the latest available technology and years of experience and knowledge, we offer a very exquisite experience at an international level.

From Implants all on 4 and all on 6, to full-mouth restorative treatments, and from full-mouth smile makeovers to other dental and cosmetic treatments, we cover all aspects of dentistry.

If you are looking for a trusted smile makeover in Istanbul, Lidssen Health is your top choice.

Our professional dentists are well-trained in cosmetic dentistry to achieve the smile that perfectly suits you.


At Lidssen Health, the initial consultation, panoramic x-rays of the entire mouth, and general check-ups for diagnosis and planning are free of charge.

You will receive detailed information about the implant procedures used in our clinic and what to consider after the implant treatment.

After the planning phase, it is essential that you ask all of your questions and as much as detail as possible, to have a good handle on the process.

Implant (Swiss Brand)

This procedure is the ultimate solution for missing teeth or multiple teeth. If you are struggling with your decayed and missing tooth, annoyed with the gap in your mouth, or not satisfied with the attachment of your denture, then a permanent implant is the best solution for you.

In this medical procedure, titanium screws are implanted into the jawbone and completed with a crown for maximum comfort and functionality.

With our experience and uncompromisingly high-quality materials, we offer you the best solution at realistic prices.

Depending on the structure, patient’s health, and number of teeth, the treatment may take only a few weeks or may extend over a longer period until the treatment is fully completed.


Requires 2 sessions

First session

Thanks to our knowledge, skills, experience, and technological opportunities, we can replace all of your teeth (which requires 12-14 implants) and treat even toothless mouths in one day.

In some cases, the surgical procedure can be divided into several sessions, mainly for the patient's comfort. The average duration of the surgical procedure for a single dental implant is 15 minutes, but it varies from patient to patient.

For an implant treatment, you will need 3 to 5 days for the surgical phase including the temporary prosthesis and the control session.

Second session

After a waiting period 2-3months / 3-5 months

After the surgical procedure, there is a waiting period that takes 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 3-5 months for the upper.

During this waiting period, a prosthesis is placed on the standard implant. This interim period is necessary because we have to wait for healthy bone tissue to appear between the implant and jawbone before further procedures.

After waiting for a sufficient amount of time, the placed implant area is opened and measured for the prosthesis. The prosthesis stage is finished in 3-5 sessions and takes about a week.


Aesthetic dental treatment also called Hollywood Smile procedure is the aesthetic design and treatment of the teeth in the smile line with veneer, zirconium, or E-Max techniques.

Good communication between the patient and the dentist must take place to agree on the details of the veneers so that the dentist has an understanding of the patient's expectations.

The appearance of the new color and other details must be discussed with the dentist beforehand because the morphological, technical, and aesthetic details directly affect the natural and aesthetic appearance.


  • Dental Spa
  • Dental Spa (deep cleaning, bleaching, and aromatherapy)
  • Bleaching
  • Scaling (deep cleaning)
  • Canal Treatments
  • Fillings


  • Tooth extraction
  • Complicated tooth extraction
  • Embedded tooth extraction
  • Embedded tooth extraction (with bone retention)
  • Bone Grafting
  • Membrane


  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Veneers (E-Max Veneers and Laminate Veneers)
  • Crown to Implant (Zirconium Crown)


  • Hybrid Dentures Ceramic
  • Toronto Hybrid Dentures